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Thank you God for the gift of valued Patrons and Collectors.  For the many who have become treasured family.
Thank you for the laugher of Kids at play with Happy Dawgs.  Come sunset the sweet potato pie and molasses
was so good we all had to join - in running from bears.
Every year we enjoy bright magenta azaleas found among indego ferns below royal gray Spanish Moss.
These Great curtains cascade down from ancient bald cypress never to fall.  All made for us by Your very hands.
Lord. I enjoy fresh caught redfish resting on a bed of cheese grits
huged tight up against baked beans, cooled by you peel - em shrimp on ice.  
O yes. All comforted by a side of  golden brown honey hushpuppies.  And watermelon.
Talk about Your heaven right here in Fla.
How would anyone know where to find endless Summers filled with shining  -  times without You?
Thank You for egrets in flight over equine acres.  For times when Sailfish rise - up to dance the golden jubilee
across blue horizons.  Yes Lord I love Your sandhill cranes on a bright Florida morn. 
Manatee to dolphin  -  Sharks and All them Bears. 
The Wonder of It All.
Now about those Good Folk along Buck's Trail and Behind Barry's Bay.  Keeping a Coon's eye on them is the teller of tall tails. Reporter for
"The Haw Creek Chronicles, My Old Coon." Just for fun. Might need some forgiven for his, "Fibs."  Them's big ones.
The Wonder of it All.